Unpacking What to Wear in Australia in December Guide

Planning a trip to Australia during December can be an exciting and memorable experience. However, it is essential to pack appropriately for the Australian summer, which can reach high temperatures and have varying weather conditions. The right clothing choices can make all the difference in ensuring a comfortable and stylish visit. This guide will provide essential dressing tips and outfit ideas to help you prepare for your Australian December adventure.

Key Takeaways

  • December is a summer month in Australia, so it is essential to pack lightweight and breathable clothing.
  • Protecting your skin from the sun is crucial, so be sure to pack sun protection essentials like hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen.
  • Choosing the right swimwear is important for enjoying Australia’s beautiful beaches.
  • Staying stylish during your December visit is possible by embracing Australian summer fashion trends.
  • Packing versatile and comfortable clothing items is essential for a successful trip to Australia.

Understanding the Australian December Weather

Before packing for a trip to Australia in December, it’s essential to understand the weather patterns of the country during this time of year. December marks the beginning of summer in Australia, which means that temperatures can soar to scorching highs in some parts of the country.

It’s important to note that Australia is a vast country with varying weather conditions, so it’s crucial to research the specific regions you’ll be visiting to pack appropriately. Generally, December weather in Australia is characterized by hot temperatures, high humidity, and occasional rainfall.

City Average Temperature (°F) Average Precipitation (inches)
Sydney 71-79 3.7
Brisbane 72-84 4.3
Perth 64-86 0.8
Melbourne 61-72 2.2

As shown in the table above, the average temperature during December in major Australian cities like Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, and Melbourne ranges from the mid-60s to the high 80s (in Fahrenheit).

When it comes to clothing for Australian December weather, lightweight and breathable fabrics are a must. Choose loose-fitting clothing made from natural fibers like cotton or linen to stay comfortable in the heat. Opt for brighter colors to reflect the sun’s rays and keep yourself cool.

Clothing for Australian December weather

While it’s essential to dress for the warm weather, it’s also important to keep in mind that some parts of Australia can experience cooler evenings, so it’s best to pack a light jacket or sweater for layering.

Stay prepared for the heat and humidity of the Australian summer by packing clothing that allows your skin to breathe. Don’t forget to pack some layering options for when the temperature drops in the evenings.

Embracing Lightweight Fabrics and Breathable Clothing

When packing for a trip to Australia in December, it is crucial to consider the hot and humid climate. To stay comfortable and cool, opt for lightweight fabrics and breathable clothing options that allow for proper air circulation.

Choose natural fibers like cotton, linen, and rayon for their breathability and moisture-wicking properties. Avoid synthetics that can trap heat and moisture, causing discomfort and irritation.

Loose-fitting clothing also helps to encourage air movement and minimize sweating. Flowy dresses, skirts, and loose tops are perfect for staying stylish while beating the heat.

When planning your outfits, consider the activities you will be participating in. For outdoor activities like hiking or sightseeing, choose quick-drying fabrics that can handle sweat and moisture. For beach days, pack lightweight cover-ups and sarongs that can be easily thrown on over your swimsuit.

dressing tips for australia in december

By embracing lightweight fabrics and breathable clothing, you can stay comfortable and fashionable while exploring Australia’s beautiful December summer.

Opting for Sun Protection Essentials

When spending time outdoors in Australia during December, it’s essential to protect your skin from the harsh sun. Not only can sun exposure cause painful sunburn, but it also increases the risk of skin cancer. Therefore, it’s crucial to include sun protection essentials in your packing list for a safe and comfortable trip.

First and foremost, a broad-brimmed hat can provide shade and protect your face and neck from the sun’s harmful rays. Look for a hat made of lightweight, breathable materials like cotton or straw to stay cool in the heat.

must-haves for dressing in australia in december

Sunglasses are also a must-have for any December trip to Australia. Not only do they provide protection for your eyes against the sun’s glare, but they can also add a stylish element to your outfit. Be sure to choose sunglasses with UV protection to ensure proper eye safety.

Lastly, sunscreen is perhaps the most crucial sun protection item to pack. Look for a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 and make sure to apply it generously and frequently throughout the day. Remember to reapply after swimming or sweating as well.

Choosing Swimwear for Beach Days

December in Australia is the perfect time to visit the beautiful beaches, so it’s essential to pack the right swimwear. A swimsuit should be comfortable, stylish, and appropriate for the activities you’ll be engaging in.

For women, a bikini or one-piece swimsuit in bright colors or bold prints is a popular choice. Opt for a style that offers enough support and coverage for swimming or playing beach volleyball. A lightweight cover-up, such as a kaftan or sarong, is also a great option for when you’re taking a break from the water and soaking up the sun.

Men often prefer board shorts or swim trunks in bright colors or fun prints. Look for a style that features a quick-drying fabric and an adjustable waistband for a comfortable fit. Consider pairing your swimsuit with a lightweight and breathable t-shirt or tank top for added sun protection and style.

Remember to bring a beach bag to carry your essentials, such as a towel, sunscreen, and water bottle. And don’t forget to pack a pair of comfortable sandals or flip-flops to complete your beach look.

Choosing Swimwear for Beach Days

Make sure to pack your swimwear and beach essentials in a waterproof bag to protect them from sand and water. With the right swimwear and accessories, you’ll be ready to enjoy all the fun and sun that Australia’s beaches have to offer.

Styling Outfits for Sightseeing and Outdoor Activities

Exploring Australia’s tourist attractions and engaging in outdoor activities during December requires comfortable and stylish outfits. Dressing appropriately for the Australian summer is crucial, so lightweight fabrics and breathable clothing options are essential. Choose clothes that are loose-fitting and made from materials that allow airflow to keep you cool and comfortable during outdoor activities.

Consider packing a pair of shorts or a skirt along with a light cotton top for a casual and comfortable look. Alternatively, choose a breezy sundress that allows you to move freely while keeping cool. If you prefer pants, opt for those made from lightweight cotton or linen materials.

As for footwear, choose comfortable and sturdy shoes suitable for walking, hiking, or exploring. Sneakers are a popular choice, but sandals or flip-flops are also great for beach days. Remember to bring a hat to protect your face and neck from the sun, along with a pair of sunglasses and sunscreen for added sun protection.

Finally, don’t forget to bring a lightweight jacket or shawl to cover up during cooler evenings or when the sun sets. Layering clothing items can also help you adjust to temperature changes throughout the day, so try wearing a tank top with a light sweater or cardigan for added versatility.

Outfit Idea:

outfit ideas for december in australia

A comfortable and stylish outfit for sightseeing and outdoor activities in December in Australia is a pair of breathable black shorts paired with a white cotton top. Add a denim jacket for layering and a pair of white sneakers for added comfort. Don’t forget to accessorize with a hat and sunglasses for sun protection.

Embracing Australian Summer Fashion Trends

December in Australia is all about embracing the summer season with the latest fashion trends. From flowy dresses to lightweight jumpsuits, the options are endless for those looking to stay stylish during their visit. Here are some outfit ideas to rock the Australian December fashion guide:

  • Flowy maxi dresses with bold prints: These are perfect for a casual day out, and they’re comfortable and easy to wear.
  • Off-the-shoulder tops and dresses: These are a must-have for anyone looking to show off their summer tan and add a touch of elegance to their outfit.
  • Breezy jumpsuits: Lightweight and comfortable, jumpsuits are ideal for exploring the city or a night out with friends.
  • Straw hats: Not only do they protect your skin from the sun, but they also add a touch of sophistication to any outfit.
  • Statement sunglasses: From oversized frames to vintage-inspired designs, sunglasses are a great way to add some personality to your look.

When it comes to footwear, opt for sandals or espadrilles to keep your feet cool and comfortable during the Australian December heat. Don’t forget to accessorize with a statement bag or a dainty necklace to complete your look. With these outfit ideas, you’re sure to stand out and feel confident during your Australian adventures.

australian december fashion guide

Section 8: Packing Essentials for Versatility and Comfort

When packing for a trip to Australia in December, it’s important to choose versatile and comfortable clothing items that will keep you cool and stylish throughout your vacation. Here are some essential clothing items that must be included in your suitcase for a stress-free trip:

Item Description
Lightweight T-Shirts Choose breathable, lightweight t-shirts in neutral colors that can be paired with shorts or skirts for a casual day out.
Breezy Dresses Pack an assortment of breezy, airy dresses in different colors and styles that can be dressed up or down.
Comfortable Shorts Opt for comfortable shorts in materials like cotton or linen, that can be worn during the day and dressed up for a night out.
Breathable Pants Choose lightweight and breathable pants in neutral colors that can be easily paired with different tops and footwear for a versatile look.
Swimwear Don’t forget to pack your swimsuit or bikini for an enjoyable day at the beach. Choose comfortable and stylish swimwear that suits your body type and personal style.
Sun Protection Accessories Make sure to pack sun hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen to protect yourself from the harsh Australian sun and stay safe during your outdoor adventures.

These clothing items will not only keep you comfortable but also ensure that you are always looking fashionable during your trip to Australia in December. Packing these essentials will give you the flexibility to create different outfits and styles throughout your stay.

essential clothing items for australia in december

Layering Options for Cool Evenings

While Australia may be known for its warm December weather, it’s important to remember that some parts of the country can experience cooler evenings. To ensure you’re prepared for any temperature drop, consider layering your outfits with lightweight pieces that offer both comfort and style.

An ideal option for layering is a light cardigan or jacket paired with a tank top or sleeveless dress. Not only will this keep you warm, but it also adds an extra dimension to your outfit. For a more casual look, consider a denim jacket over a flowy maxi dress.

A stylish option for cooler evenings is a wrap dress in a lightweight fabric, paired with a scarf or shawl. This allows for versatility in temperature control and adds a touch of elegance to your ensemble. Additionally, a light sweater or long-sleeved shirt paired with shorts or a skirt can create a fashionable and comfortable look.

Remember, layering doesn’t have to sacrifice style for warmth. Experiment with different fabrics and textures to create a unique and fashionable outfit that is suitable for any December evening in Australia.

outfit ideas for december in australia

Shoes and Accessories for Australian Adventures

When it comes to choosing shoes and accessories for exploring Australia in December, it’s important to consider both style and functionality. Comfortable and durable footwear is a must-have, as many activities in Australia involve a fair amount of walking. Sneakers, sandals, and hiking shoes are all popular options.

For a stylish touch, consider investing in a pair of leather sandals that can transition from day to night. They pair perfectly with summer dresses or shorts and a blouse for a casual yet chic look.

Sunglasses are a must to protect your eyes from the strong Australian sun, and hats are essential to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. A wide-brimmed hat is not only practical, but also adds a stylish element to any outfit. Pack a lightweight scarf to use as a cover-up, a hair accessory, or even as a makeshift picnic blanket.

When it comes to jewelry, less is often more in hot and humid weather. Opt for lightweight pieces that won’t weigh you down, such as delicate necklaces or stud earrings. Avoid anything too bulky or heavy, as it can become uncomfortable in the heat.

what to wear in australia in december

By selecting the appropriate footwear and accessories for your Australian adventure, you’ll be ready to tackle any activity in style and comfort.


When planning a trip to Australia in December, it’s important to pack appropriately for the hot and sometimes unpredictable summer weather. By understanding the temperature and climate patterns, travelers can choose suitable clothing options that provide both comfort and style.

Lightweight fabrics, breathable clothing, and sun protection essentials are crucial items to include in any December wardrobe. Swimwear is a must-have for beach days, while versatile clothing items such as dresses, shorts, and t-shirts are perfect for exploring tourist attractions and enjoying outdoor activities.

Staying up-to-date with Australian December fashion trends can provide inspiration for creating stylish outfits that work well in the climate. Layering options are also crucial for accommodating cooler evenings in some parts of Australia.

When it comes to footwear, it’s important to choose options that are both fashionable and practical for various December activities. Accessories such as hats and sunglasses can also provide additional protection from the sun.


By packing the right clothes and accessories, travelers can ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience in Australia during December. Don’t forget to include the essentials and stay up-to-date with the latest fashion trends to create an unforgettable summer wardrobe.


Q: What should I wear in Australia in December?

A: It is recommended to wear lightweight and breathable clothing made from fabrics such as cotton or linen to stay cool in the Australian summer.

Q: What are the average temperatures in Australia during December?

A: December in Australia is generally warm, with average temperatures ranging from 25 to 35 degrees Celsius (77 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit), depending on the region.

Q: What sun protection essentials should I bring?

A: Sun protection essentials include a wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen with a high SPF to protect yourself from the intense Australian sun.

Q: What swimwear should I wear for beach days?

A: Opt for comfortable and stylish swimwear, such as bikinis or boardshorts, to enjoy the beautiful Australian beaches during December.

Q: What are some outfit ideas for sightseeing and outdoor activities?

A: Choose lightweight outfits, such as flowy dresses or shorts paired with loose-fitting tops, for sightseeing and outdoor activities in Australia during December.

Q: What are the latest fashion trends in Australia in December?

A: Australian summer fashion trends in December often include vibrant colors, floral prints, and breezy silhouettes that reflect the relaxed and beachy lifestyle.

Q: What are some packing essentials for Australia in December?

A: Packing essentials for Australia in December include lightweight clothing, versatile pieces that can be layered, comfortable shoes, and sun protection items.

Q: What layering options should I consider for cool evenings?

A: To accommodate cooler evenings, consider bringing a light jacket, cardigan, or scarf that can easily be layered over your daytime outfits.

Q: What shoes and accessories are suitable for Australian adventures?

A: Opt for comfortable walking shoes or sandals for outdoor activities, and don’t forget to bring a stylish hat, sunglasses, and a lightweight bag to complete your look.

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